Church History

Faith Mission

     Rev. Lincoln Seddon was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 1956 by Zion Gospel Temple. Soon afterward, he felt the Lord leading him to begin a work in South Providence, Rhode Island. In 1958, by the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Faith Mission came into being. Pastor Seddon, along with his wife Marion and their six children, labored nine years, laying a strong spiritual foundation for the future. Pastor Seddon also broadcast each day over WRIB Christian radio in Providence, Rhode Island for 15 years. He became known to his listeners as Pastor Lincoln.

Faith Church

     In the fall of 1965, as Faith Mission experienced growth, God led Pastor Seddon to Scituate, Rhode Island. Through a miracle from God, Faith Mission purchased the former Advent Christian Church. With this, Faith Church was born to the Glory of God. Pastor Seddon and his wife Marion labored faithfully there for twenty-four more years, laying a strong spiritual foundation for many souls.

    Early in 1989, the Lord had shown Pastor Lincoln Seddon that “Moses was not able to go into the Promised Land, but Joshua would take the mantle.” At about the same time, the Lord was preparing to speak to Pastor Seddon’s son-in-law, Rev. Dennis Monroe, who was fruitfully serving God as Associate Pastor at Redeeming Word of Life Church in Louisiana. In spite of his growing effectiveness there, the Lord spoke to Rev. Monroe publicly through a prophetic word at a leadership conference that “God would send him back to New England.” Shortly after this, in the providence of God, Pastor Seddon told Rev. Monroe what the Lord had shown him about not being able to enter the Promised Land. After much prayer and soul-searching, they both discerned that God had called Rev. Dennis Monroe to take over the work at Faith Church in Rhode Island!

Faith  Tabernacle

     Under Rev. Monroe’s leadership, by the fall of 1990 Faith Church had once again outgrown their building. Through another miracle of God, the church purchased the former Highland Orchards building on Route 101 in Scituate, Rhode Island. With this action, Faith Tabernacle was born to the glory of God.

    God has blessed Rev. Monroe’s life work of faith at Faith Tabernacle with a growing number of faithful believers and a strong manifest presence of God in the services. In a world of constant upheaval and change, in over 46 years there have only been two pastors, Rev. Lincoln Seddon and Rev. Dennis Monroe: men of God, called to lay the foundation of Faith Mission, Faith Church, and Faith Tabernacle.